Thursday, September 20, 2012

More egg mandalas—with birdie

When you're reminded at 5:45 that you should be eating dinner at 6:00pm, you have to think fast. This is an omelette with cheese and grated zucchini—no skin so there are no green flecks. Dill and basil added, which are standard in our eggs.

A lot of the shape eggs leave cuttings. sometimes I eat them, sometimes they become the "road" under the car, it all depends. Today Starboy must have been hungry, because he was excited to eat his "suns." After three suns and the chickie, he tried to make an escape, but two big piles of ketchup later he finished every last bite. Huzzah! I couldn't find Grandma's cookie cutters, so I used a lunch container to cut the circles.

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