Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Working ahead

Starboy's fairy party is coming up, and I've been trying to do as much as I can in advance so I'm not running around crazy the day before the party, and feeling frantic. I want to be able to enjoy the party, so keeping things calm is the goal. 

One thing I do to make baking simpler is I will make a "mix" from my recipe, so that on baking day I just have to dump and stir. I get stupid when I'm distracted and busy, and do things like: double the whole cookie recipe except for the flour (that was a soupy one).

So I measure all the dry ingredients, and check them off of the recipe as I go, so nothing is forgotten or accidentally doubled. Sometimes I have several containers if there are a few steps in the recipe. These muffin recipes are easy quickbreads, so it's one jar per recipe.

I label the mix clearly, so that ingredients don't risk wandering into the wrong recipe, and so if I decide not to make the recipe after all, I have an idea of what it is next week. This time I just taped the recipe to the jar.

Another advantage to doing this in advance is that if you discover you are out of something, you still have time to restock before it's a last minute crisis.

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