Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday dinners

Initially, I'd planned our August party as double birthday celebration, to save me from further party planning.  But then the project was delayed. 

So two more family dinners it was. For Starboy's birthday: Cheesy enchiladas with spinach (before topping and baking).

Ravioli salad with gorgonzola, apples, sun dried tomatoes, poppy seeds and lettuce (assemble yourself)

 And baby bear pancakes!

 Sweet potato puree, cranberries, spinach and raisins as eyes and noses.

With cinnamon, yogurt, and maple syrup (by request). Then of course Starboy wouldn't eat them because the spinach was highly suspect. "I don't like that green stuff."

Luckily Community Worker Grandma saved the day with a fantastic Construction Job Site Cake. Come back tomorrow to see detailed photos!

For Techman's birthday, we had the ravioli salad and homemade molasses clove cookies, with a candle holder from his childhood. It's made out of plastic clay, something I hope that Très Juliee is able to do with her beautiful fondant creations.

Techman loved the ceramic tile handprint that Starboy made for him.

It ended up being more planning than I'd bargained for, but it was nice to have intimate birthday celebrations with family to mark the dates. I'm still looking forward to our party with friends and family!

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