Monday, September 10, 2012

Living in a fog

We're finally back home, but the three week painting job that was started in early August continues. Luckily we are able to open the bedroom windows, but our usual great circulation is thwarted by plastic on the front door (as they work on the front porch) and the entire east side of the house.

Starboy doesn't like not being able to see out.

With everything in use and workers all over (okay there are only three or four of them, but it feels like they're everywhere) it's been hard to spread out for Fairy Party planning. I really like to spread out when I set up and plan, so I'm finding this frustrating—especially since I chose a late date thinking things would have been finished weeks ago!

Ah, well, first world problems. They should be finishing up this the carpenter can get some wood milled in time...

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