Friday, September 14, 2012

Reading Roundup

10 Steps for tired Mamas to get the break they need, without TV, Rhythm of the Home (Fall 2012)

Great story about Nature Tables, Tinkerlab (Sept. 10, 2010)

Pocket Playground, Life At the Zoo (Aug. 30, 2012). Keep eight items in your bag, and you'll have access to 50 activities to keep your kid calm while waiting in line, on the airplane, etc.

How to write a Twitter bio that'll make you stand out as a journalist, Poynter (Sept. 7, 2012). Note: I barely understand Twitter and hashtagging, I don't even have a handle. My prospects of ever working again are likely doomed.

An interview with Lori Pickert, Rhythm of the Home blog (Aug. 31, 2012). With links to her blog and other Reggio Emilia bloggers
"I owned a small private school from 2000-2007. I have no background in education- I’m an autodidact all the way. So to open my own school, I had to spend a year doing extensive research....I spent the next eight years experimenting with those ideas....It was a wonderful experience....By the time I closed my school, I was working as an educational consultant, training teachers, giving workshops, and speaking at conferences. I really love sharing these ideas."

On striking and unions, Teacher X (Sept. 9, 2012)

"Chicago is founded on the hard daily struggle of working people. It is the birth of the labor movement—not a movement just for wages and benefits, but a movement that stopped child labor so that each of the kids in CPS schools could attend school instead of working. It was a movement that stopped the practice of working conditions so unsafe that consumers were eating the actual workers who fell into the mix while they were making hot dogs. It was a movement that fought so that workers could have some tiny measure of time with our families rather than spending all waking hours working for the enrichment of their bosses."

Why Men Fail, New York Times (Sept. 10, 2012)
"To succeed today, you have to be able to sit still and focus attention in school at an early age. You have to be emotionally sensitive and aware of context. You have to communicate smoothly. For genetic and cultural reasons, many men stink at these tasks."

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