Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Party attire

Each year for his birthday, I make Starboy a felt badge t-shirt that he can wear for his celebration. I wanted to make him a squirrel shirt this year, but I didn't have a t-shirt with the right colors. I only had dark gray. It's hard to find plain t-shirts with a nice cut and no breast pocket. And forget organic. It's hard to find a plain t-shirt at all.

Last year I made Starboy a blimp shirt, embroidering the felt badge on by hand. It's hard to see here, sorry. I'll have to find a better shot.

This year I went with a simple toadstool, in the interest of time. I'd still like to do the squirrel shirt, if I can find the right color tee.

The blimp took me several days to make, but the mushroom came together in an evening. One movie. I use chain stitch and regular embroidery thread, and no backing (which doesn't do well in the wash; I don't really recommend it).

I love how simple it is.

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