Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn apple picking

I've been wanting to focus on more "seasonal" activities for our family. I missed the apple picking last year and really wanted to head to Oak Glen to check it out.

Coming from Michigan, the 89˚ temps didn't really feel like "autumn" to me. It was roasting.

I lollygagged as we were packing up our desert campsite, catching up with friends, and between that and the drive, we arrived at the orchard at 1:30 p.m.—no lunch, no nap, and crappy light for photos. Needless to say spirits were not high. There was whining, an attempt to give up the whole thing, exasperation. And that was just Techman.

After some PBJs and digging out the ole Ergo, we were able to carry on without any bloodshed. With any luck I burned a few extra calories to boot. At 35lbs or more, Starboy definitely classifies as "training weight."

It turns out you're only allowed to pick certain varieties each day, and we ended up getting kicked out of an off limits area. Oopsie.

Starboy was thrilled. We're such city slickers. We asked him what his favorite part of the day was, and he said: "The juice."

You can even press your own cider. For about 10 minutes of hard labor you can make a gallon of it for about twice what it costs in the little shop for no work at all. Guess which bottle we bought?

It was a great day of family togetherness. 

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