Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fairy Party—reading tent

I fell smitten with the lovely play tents that are all over the blogs these days, and decided that a tent would be a nice respite from party revelry. There were flower fairies hanging inside, and fairy stories.

I used this pattern from Namesake Design, and it could hardly have been easier. The fabric is two vintage sheets from Etsy, which is the key to quick assembly—only four seams! Add a hula hoop, a large ribbon, and some type of decor, and the whole thing was done in under 90 minutes.

Um, except for the photography, which was completely overlooked. Blogger fail. Maybe if you squint you can see this beautiful thing in the background.

The sides could have been staked out a bit, and it was quite warm inside. It also could have used a lot more pillows to sit on. So it didn't get much action. The parents all thought it was a 1920s fairy changing booth. I used a child's hula hoop from the dollar store—a larger one might make for a more spacious tent. Stay tuned. I still can upgrade.

If you can make one out of playsilks, or can afford something like the Sarah's Silks Canopy, that might end up being more versatile. But this one sure came together quickly.

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