Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fairy Party—What I forgot


So remember that long quiche night I wrote about, prepping for the party in advance? Luckily I'd left those four quiches in the freezer, since the party had to be pushed back. And I specially moved them to the fridge two days before the party to make sure they were thawed in advance.

Where I left them, until halfway through the party, when most people had gone home, their children shaking from carb overload and lack of protein. Along with the two new ones I'd made because I was worried I wouldn't have enough.

Awesome. Quiche, anyone?

Speaking of serving stuff late, I ran out of time to frost the cake(s) before people arrived. I kept thinking I should ask someone to help me out, but I kept forgetting. It was hot. There were flies. People seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Finally my mother-in-law arrived, and she is a trained cake froster. Really. She's taken classes in how to make perfect flowers and everything. I'm sure there's a more appropriate title, but she's basically a super genius of cakes. She got us set up. And arranged for Starboy to have a lot of spoons to lick.

This recipe from Bon Appetit was delicious, but the layers slid apart as fast as the highway on Portuguese Bend during the cutting. The hot weather didn't help.

I'd made two cakes to make sure there was enough for everyone, but since I set it out so late, lots of people had gone home already. So we didn't even cut into the second cake.

 The next day, at a normal temperature, the cake behaved normally. And it was delicious for breakfast.

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