Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sherwood Forest jubilee

Barclay* and his best friend from school Finn* happen to have birthdays the same week. Finn requested a woodland birthday ages and ages ago, and his genius mother reserved a wonderful group campsite at Black Mountain in the San Bernardino Forest Sherwood Forest for the festivities for both boys, who turned six.

The weather was perfect all weekend—high 60s during the day and only 47 at night. Perfect sleeping weather, even for Starboy!

It was a Robin Hood birthday party. 

The kids sewed their own hats. And later made their own paper crowns.

Finn's dad dressed as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and offered archery training, after showing the kids how to make their own bows and arrows (the dads were all really into this). The archery lesson was totally slapstick, in the style of maybe the Three Stooges, or Oliver Hardy. The kids loved it.

Then he kidnapped the two birthday boys and tied them up and fell asleep. The boys escaped and the Band of Merry Men stole the sheriff's gold and made away for their lair in the hills.

Starboy loved being a forestman.

Even Techman wore his hat all day.

One of the more interesting gifts, in my opinion, was this great book. Lots of great ideas and easy-to-understand illustrations. However, these were given nary a glance, in favor of two Hot Wheels-style motorcycles, which were so popular they had to be disappeared until the trip home.

It was great family time and a great weekend. Love!

*Nearly everyone gets a code name here, to help with privacy.

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