Saturday, October 27, 2012

on the BOOOlevard

Scenes from the BOOOlevard, an annual trick-or-treating event at the shops in Atwater Village, an LA neighborhood.

The Forestman lays down a base, for a night of sugaring. Cue James Bond theme music.

In years past, most of the handouts were stickers, tattoos, pencils, erasers, and plastic crap from Oriental Trading. This year? ALL CANDY. With few exceptions, like this glow-in-the-dark spider ring. Dislike.

The Fairy Witches of Eastwick.  Miss Molly and friends.

The studio was gorgeous, filled with butterfly fairies, autumn leaves, faux stumps and magic.

Miss Molly was good for at least three pieces of candy.

He fished for what he wished.

 Our friends the Ladybugs.

 Adorable handmade owls!

Groucho Marx meets Fantasia.

 So rad. 
There seemed to be lots more home-done costumes this year, which was delightful. I only saw two from-the-store Disney Meridas, and curiously none of "the scream with bloody face" costumes—though the new thing is a no-face black costume, which is creepy as hell when it's following you. 

Beauty and the Rad.

I mean, what is there to say about this? Hilarious. 

First cotton candy! This turned half his face blue.

Wrap up at the Astro. Cooked.

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