Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fairy Party—centerpieces

 Remember these lovely fairy lands that Venus and her kids helped us create?

 All that work, to be ready in advance?

Well, these beautiful planters died. After weeks of near 100˚ temps, while we were out of the house when it was being painted, and no water—well....they couldn't be expected to thrive. Had I known the house painting was going to be a six week process and not a two week process, I wouldn't have made these so far in advance.

So, frantically, the day before the party, we rebuilt them. It probably added another $20-30 to the cost, with the replacement of some baby's tears and sedum. The larger plants all were succulents clipped from the yard, and they survived just fine.

 We re-arranged the fairies' front yards...

 Re-grouped the pots...

Added new details. These pots, and the white ones, were bought on mega sale at Joann. The others were Goodwill finds. The textural balls were on über-sale at Joann as well. Remember my inspiration from a few years back? I'm delighted that the effect was the same.

More ideas are gathered here and here.

The effect was lovely, and simple. I hope to keep them alive around the yard, but these 100˚ days are making that challenging. We loaned them to some friends for James'* age three birthday party, we'll see how they fared.

*To help with privacy, nearly everyone gets a code name.

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