Friday, October 5, 2012

Fairy Party—dècor

Yesterday you saw closeups of the fairy centerpieces, today you can see the rest of the dècor. 

I wanted to create a fairy wonderland, like Trés Juliee did at her daughter's fairy party a few years ago. It was the spirit I wanted to duplicate—especially since the magical Trio Events helped her get her Fairy Spirit on. Trying to replicate the look created by two fantastic events companies wouldn't be practical, so I was happy to come close, while missing a few of the fussy details.

Nearly everything was purchased on sale, at a thrift store, or made at home.

I collected more inspiration on a Pinterest board here. And here.

I got lucky at the 99-cent Only Store, finding fairy wings for each guest and a few extras for decoration. the faux grass from the craft store added a little dimension. Inexpensive fresh flowers in some existing vases and some funky ones from Goodwill added liveliness (thanks, Venus!).

I scoured a bunch of Goodwills and Out of the Closets for punch cups, and scored the basket tray at a thrift store as well. The napkin is part of a mismatched set I made to match the tablecloths I made for the party. Which unfortunately I didn't do a great job of photographing.

Starboy's birthday crown was a nice touch as well. Techman didn't wear his. I don't blame him. It was about 85˚ out.

 Wouldn't this table have looked great with some quiches on it?

Bunting along the front gate advertised the festivities. It's in the new house colors and I expect it will see many gatherings.
It's just two triangles cut wrong-sides-together, with a channel stitched across the top. No other stitching. Twill tape serves as the line to hold it up.
Paper puffs are a really easy way to add atmosphere inexpensively. After all that work, I passed them on to a friend for her son's birthday two weeks later.

I ended up renting an extra kids' table, kiddie chairs and about 15 adult chairs. It was super inexpensive and easy, and contributed to a uniform look, rather than our usual yard-sale look of a collection of chairs from around the house. 

Guests' fairy wings added to the look, over one of the crafting tables—this one for making flower fairies. I used wrapping paper from the 99-cent Only store as a table cover here.

 Flower fairy samples added to the spirit as well.

The place was rife with fairies from near and far.

The felt birthday banner is a few years old now, and I still love it.

 Mr. Nutty was a goodwill find I couldn't resist. The challah-hogs and ladybug apples added to the dècor as well.


I found several fairy houses at thrift stores and HomeGoods, and hid them around the yard. The guests loved exploring to find where the fairies lived. Etsy has some great fairy doors you can buy as well, that are stunning.

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