Friday, October 12, 2012

Space Shuttle on the move

Starboy wasn't too happy about being wakened at 3am but he brightened instantly when he found out we were going to see the Space Shuttle! We layered him up in fleece long johns and a down jacket.

We chose an LAPD-approved parking lot location to watch the shuttle come up Westchester Blvd. towards La Tijera, then back into a shopping center parking lot. Later today it will continue its journey to the California Science Center, arriving tomorrow night.

 Lots of fans turned out.

We had a front row spot—we thought we'd geniously arrived just 30 minutes before the shuttle would come through, but it was a good 90 minutes late. We were warm and comfortable, but it wouldn't have been bad to have gotten another hour's worth of sleep....

The shuttle's wingspan grazed many trees along the way and tree trimmers drove the route to make last-minute trims as it came through.

The parking lot filled up behind us as we watched. Everyone was so excited!

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