Monday, October 1, 2012

Hot weather fun

Temps hit 100˚ today, and Starboy was asking for something "special" to do. I held him at bay with a couple of juice pops, but it was a fairly mellow, indoor day while I unpacked after a camping weekend, so he was itching for something interesting.

I thought I'd try some sensory color mixing. We've done this trick before, but not for a long while. I put some food coloring into a plastic bin.

 Then Starboy worked out how to make the shaving cream can go.

 He was immediately interested....

Then became more and more excited and experimental. Note we are outdoors. We could do this in the tub, but the tub gets pretty slippery with all of this soap.

The body painting was of far more interest than the color mixing. It turns out I shouldn't have even bothered with the food coloring.

Starboy covered all the bases. On the front side. He couldn't reach around the back. It was about at this point I remembered the last time we did this—and how we couldn't get the perfumy shaving cream smell off of him for days. I recommend unscented shaving cream, if you can find it. Especially if you co-sleep.

He also got some in his mouth (undocumented feature: he may have learned how to spit a little as a result, which is going to be great for teeth brushing), which reminded me that some time I'd like to try this with canned whipped cream, which would be more non-toxic.

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