Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fairy Party—fairy gardens!

This wasn't his first rodeo.

 It's like you could buy it in a store. Maybe they can put him through college, selling these.

One of the activities at the fairy party was, of course, making fairy gardens. I'd asked each guest to bring a planter filled with dirt, and any extras they wanted to include, but I got worried that some people would forget, or be overwhelmed, so I ended up thrifting a dozen planters and baskets and filling them with dirt in advance. (Thanks Shelley!*)

All of this launched from The Magic Onions' contest last spring, and Donni has some fantastic ideas for gardens, with links to tons more gardens made by kids and adults.

Thrift store fairy peeking out. Is that a birthday gift for Starboy?

The table centerpieces were a start in the inspiration department.

 Love the stakes and the bunting.

Apparently the grasses were ripped from my neighbor's front yard on their way to the party. I hope they didn't notice.

 Aerial view, with lighthouse and pond.

Gardener deeply engrossed. 
I provided succulent clippings I'd rooted in advance, plastic bugs, and small polished stones, which were really popular. There were larger polished stones that didn't disappear as quickly. Some of them I glue-gunned together into fairy tables and stools, a few weeks before the party.

 What fairy wouldn't want a hand-thrown well? I found a few of these in the thrift store.

Love the gems scattered about. These were from the scavenger hunt.

 Check out the bunting....
 And the dancing flower fairy...

And the butterfly friend.

*To help with privacy, nearly everyone gets a code name.

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