Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas centerpieces

I fell so deeply in love with our winter snow scene, that I made a collection of them for our Christmas Eve table centerpiece!

This simple idea, which I got from Donni of The Magic Onions, looked so elegant as a group.

This smaller grouping went on the kids' table, but waited patiently on the serving table (next to the laser printer. Doesn't that make for a nice Christmas atmosphere?)

Each jar will be sent home with a different family member, so no storage needed!

 The photos don't even express how pretty it was. I tried adding other elements on the table: More trees, more animals, live greens...but they all took away from the simplicity of the grouping and the sparkling glass.

With the formal table cloth and good china for Christmas, the table was even prettier. It was just magical, and I loved how the centerpiece didn't create a wall in the middle of the table that you couldn't see through.

I wish the pictures had shown more.

Grandma, Techman's mom, does great things with centerpieces and displays. I loved this side display, of the four Advent candles and the snowglobe that Starboy made for her.

This is Grandma's fairy garden. It's six months old, and it looks better now than ours did the day we made it. Sheesh.

Can you find the pewter lion? She has this by the front door to welcome visitors. She's always switching stuff around out there.

Grandma updated the garden for Christmas day. We had extra trees from the snow scene project (it was a pack of 21 trees!).

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