Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Countdown - Dec 1

We're having sort of a quiet Christmas with minimal gifts this year, after the airfare back east, and a new paint job on the exterior of our house this summer. But I enjoy Christmas and giving, and celebrating the seasons. In Los Angeles, the seasons are a little more subtle than where I grew up in Detroit.

With inspiration from Here Come the Girls and The Crafty Crow, I'm trying to offer Starboy some seasonal fun to (dangerously) build up excitement for the big family day. I've done next to no planning on this, so I'm scrambling for books as well as activities. Ideally, I'd like the book and activity to match, with a big reveal at some point during the day through some sort of crafty homemade advent / countdown calendars. I'm not sure I'll get to that this year.

If you want to look at the whole list, search for keyword "advent" and they all should appear together. Maybe at some point I'll put together a comprehensive list on one post. Stay tuned.

Today's book:
The Little Engine That Could mini
A story of old-fashioned persistence and goodwill. Lovely illustrations. I recommend a version with the original illustrations, clowns aside.

I did basically no preparation for this whole month of adventing, so today's activity was considering the wish list. Starboy put a sticky note with his "name" on it on the things in the catalog he is wishing for. It would have been a shorter list to keep track of the toys he doesn't want.

We cut out the images of what he wants (along with the description if I think I want to steer someone to actually buy it for him) and tape them into a composition book, a new chapter each year. He loves reading this book.

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