Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Countdown — Bonus activity

 We've been crafting like crazy in anticipation of the holidays.

This activity wasn't designed to go along with any story, although The Polar Express or Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer are obvious go-to's that come to mind. Starboy made jingle necklaces as gifts for his buddies in his art class. Miss Molly thought it best to share them right before going home, during the snack, so the kids really could enjoy them without taking time away from their art experience. New things can distracting, and I was glad she mentioned that. It's easy to forget that kids don't process things in the same way that we would as adults.

The ingredients are as simple as can be: A bell or two, skinny ribbon, and pony beads in the shape of stars. Or not. We happened to have star beads lying around. The sound is so joyful, it's a real spirit-builder, especially here in Southern California without the crisp weather and snow. (Cold and rainy, which we've had lately, isn't exactly a holiday mood-builder for this Midwesterner, but maybe I'd feel differently if I were from the Pacific Northwest.)

The kids loved them!

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