Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Countdown — Dec. 15

We kept today quiet. A few Saturday-style obligations, and together time. Our activity was a family lantern walk in the hills, to look for Christmas lights. We saw our city glitter in the distance.

And we discovered the Penguin Man's house. We counted at least 20 penguins in his lights display, and he happened to come outside. He said he was walking by a movie theatre one day, and popped in to see the show—March of the Penguins. And he got hooked. He has 413 penguins throughout his house, he says. Each one different. How random.

Today's book:
One Snowy Night
by M Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton

A sweet story of gift-giving from the heart, and looking out for strangers, and taking care of friends. It seemed like a pretty good fit for today.

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