Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Countdown — Dec. 22

We're spending December enjoying some holiday crafts and activities, and reading special books!
The first craft: Pipecleaner snowflakes!
The idea came from S.O.S. Mom.

 First we snipped each silver pipecleaner into thirds. We placed one on each square of Starboy's placemat, then we added four more in. This is how we knew we had enough pieces (16).

 We gathered the pieces into a bundle, then wrapped piece number 17 around the center, tightly.

 Bend, and fluff. That's the whole project! I used silver thread to hang them from the chandelier, because the fishing line was too much work to hunt for.

This project is fast, easy, cheap and totally at a three-year-old's level. And fun!

Starboy was still itching to craft, so he also made some stickered thank you notes. Holiday / winter wonderland stickers would have been great....but he demanded cars.

And, totally strangely out of place, long after Hanukkah, today's book:
The Ugly Menorah
by Marissa Moss
A little girl learns there's more to beauty than meets the eye. A lovely tale.

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