Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Countdown — Dec 10

We're reading a holiday / winter story every day and doing a special activity, to really stretch out the season.

We celebrated a Christmas afternoon tea today, like the dog and crocodile in Melrose and Croc, a Christmas to Remember, by Emma Chichester Clark.

Unfortunately, our house is not well lit, and I haven't found a replacement for Photoshop Elements since upgrading to Mountain Lion, so these underexposed images aren't presenting that well.

We used the good china and the Christmas cups.

Starboy enjoyed his warm spiced cider hot tea. We had hoped a friend or two would join us, but alas, we extended our invitations without enough notice.

Cream cheese and cucumber crustless sandwiches, snowball christmas cookies, grapes and "tea." Starboy insisted on removing the cucumbers—sliced wafer thin—from his sandwiches.

Melrose and Croc a Christmas to Remember
Melrose and Croc, a Christmas to Remember
by Emma Chichester Clark
A sad, then sweet, story about wanting to spend time with friends.

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