Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Countdown — Dec. 21

Happy Solstice!
Winter came by our nature table.

The moose doesn't mind, and neither does the reindeer. I don't generally like to put plastic on the nature table, but we're a little light in the wintery wooden animal department, and I think the reindeer is pretty majestic.

There also are some glass stars, which the mice go looking for, as part of holiday junkyard traditions, in Junkyard Tales.

Don't miss Miss Molly's winter nature display here.

We didn't get to a unique craft or activity today. Starboy and Grandma were going to make some cookies, but they didn't get around to it. Before we went visiting, I was busy creating some centerpieces for Christmas, but I thought I'd save those photos for another post when I can do a "big reveal." 

I have to get to the library! Today's readings were great stories from two online sources. Perhaps not true to my theme here, but a good solstice children's story book is a tough thing to find.

The Winter Solstice Tree
by Allen Morgan, online here
A story about the seasons, a wolf, and solstice. Very nice.

The Candleberry Elf, online here
A Candleberry elf breaks with tradition to show some winter spirit—then finds that his friends show him some, as well. A thoughtful and enchanting story.

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