Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Countdown — Dec. 20

We're waiting for Christmas and keeping ourselves busy with a series of crafts, books and activities!

Today's craft: Snow scene ornaments!

 The globes from Mary Jane's fairy ball came four to a pack. And they're big! I'm inclined to gift them away, rather than store them to gift next year. Make sure yours come with tops.

An evergreen tree from the Missions collection at the craft strore, with some hot glue on the bottom, is the point of focus. This is much easier with some long tweezers or forceps. I didn't have any, so getting it in there straight was tricky. I used glitter hot glue, since it could be seen from below.

 Add epsom salt to desired level. That's it! We added a string to the top for hanging.

This one was a gift for Starboy's mommy-n-me Waldorf teacher. She loved it!

Starboy added a greeting card to complete the gift.

Today's book:

The Shortest Day
by Wendy Pfeffer and Jesse Reisch
Great information about winter solstice. I paperclipped some of the pages together to simplify the story—we'll read the rest when he's a little older.

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