Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Countdown - Dec. 7

We started our morning with a special activity—treats from a local bakery!

Starboy had a chocolate croissant...

And mommy had the most delicious croque monsieur. Heaven.

Miss Molly, Starboy's art teacher, told a story about the lantern man, who shares his light through the winter, now that it gets dark before we're ready for bed. The man found lanterns (foreground) for everyone in the family.

Then the kids painted the glowing light from the lantern, with glimmering flames added in using bleeding tissue paper.

It would have been great to have read a story about light, or lanterns. I hadn't planned for one. So we pulled out an old classic about the Tomten making his rounds on the farm. Highly recommend.

The Tomten
The Tomten
by Astrid Lindgren

Starboy was having a really hard time settling down for bed, so Techman offered him a really special bonus activity: A nighttime Christmas Lights Walk (he tried a lantern walk, but Starboy didn't want to carry a lantern). They took a long walk together in our hilly neighborhood, admiring the lights and looking for more (they also look for kitties to see). When I asked how it went, upon their return, Starboy said he didn't want to tell me. Like when Sylvia saw a deer in one of the Sparkle Stories, and decided to keep it as a gift to herself without telling anyone, Starboy wanted to keep that time with Daddy sacred.

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