Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Countdown — Dec. 23

The Spirit of Christmas
by Nancy Tillman
A lovely message of the specialness of Christmas—friends and family being together. Nice illos, too.

We've been spending December engaged in family activities while we wait for the fat man to bring all the loot for our special family day of togetherness.

I'll be honest, without a clear plan for each day, by the 22nd or so I was starting to burn out a little. I love the activities, but pulling them together on the fly was getting a bit challenging, especially as Christmas was approaching and I had some cooking to do. Luckily, I only had to do one dessert and one salad to make for the two days of festivities—if you're looking at this project for the future I'd make sure to weave in the family activities with your cooking chores for the holidays, or choose a very quick project like the pipe cleaner snowflakes so you don't overwhelm yourself.

Our big activity today was visiting some of my family nearby, while my cousins were in town for the holidays. Starboy got to go on two light-walks, and was thrilled to discover that one of their neighbors has an inflatable decoration that looks like a big, lighted snow globe. He also got to have half of a chocolate snowman that my other aunt sent from Vermont. Um, for dinner.

And he got to read the special story above with his second cousin. It all was great fun, we stayed too long, and accidentally kept Starboy up waaayyyy too late.

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