Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Countdown - Dec 2

With inspiration from Here Come the Girls and The Crafty Crow, I'm trying to offer Starboy some seasonal fun to (dangerously) build up excitement for the big family day. I've done next to no planning on this, so I'm scrambling for books as well as activities. Ideally, I'd like the book and activity to match, with a big reveal at some point during the day through some sort of crafty homemade advent / countdown calendars. I'm not sure I'll get to that this year.

Today's book:

The Night Before Christmas
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
with illustrations by Grandma Moses

I try to sing this story. I learned it in grade school, and though it would be a much better experience at our house with auto-tune, Starboy seems to like the version.

These illustrations, in my opinion, are horrible. I understand that she is culturally significant, I get it: I'm the philistine, but they just don't speak to me here. We received the book as a thoughtful gift, and I thought it was such a great idea, but it turns out I really don't love the imagery. (Your mileage may vary.)

We had a couple of special activities. 

Yesterday's paper advent calendar window had a picture of hot chocolate, but I decided that it wasn't an after-dinner activity (!). We had it for breakfast today instead, in a special Peter Rabbit mug. He was hyper all. morning.

We also got our Christmas tree and put it in the stand, and got the decorations from the storage locker. Techman put all the lights on. Somehow it's always stunning when he does it. Starboy couldn't bear to pause for dinner, so we ate on trays in the living room, where we could see the tree.

Sometimes I don't even want to put the ornaments on. My favorite part is the green tree with all the lights.

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