Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Countdown — Dec. 17

We're spending December enjoying time together with reading and holiday activities. Here's what we made today:

Button garlands!

Boy, talk about easy. Twine, buttons, thread it, done.

Starboy was interested in playing with the bowls of buttons, but I have to say the activity didn't hold his attention to the end. There was a lot of cajoling and a little help from mommy to finish up. I think he wasn't in the zone.

Santa's Snow Cat
by Sue Stainton and Anne Mortimer
A long and sweet story about a cat on an adventure, looking for the real Santa.

Yes, once again the activity and book are not really even related. If we had a cat and used the garland as a cat toy, maybe. But. We don't have a cat. Tune in next year for a more educational approach. Or stick around to just have fun with your kid, and not worry about it right now. 

 The buttons came from Oriental Trading, by the way, leftovers from a Christmas Party project last year, with some extras from the dollar bin at Michael's. This would be great fun with vintage buttons from a garage sale. If your neighborhood Martha Stewart didn't get there first.

These look great on the tree, or as ribbon on a gift. Despite this crummy photo.

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