Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Countdown — Dec. 19

We're spending mommy-n-me time together throughout December as we wait for Christmas! Every day we are reading a special book and doing a seasonal activity.

Today's project: Candy making!
 We made fudge together, and I made toffee later on. This really wasn't the best kitchen project, because everything is done on the stove—Starboy wasn't able to participate much. He poured some stuff into the (cold) double boiler, and buttered the pan. He wasn't complaining, though, after licking the spoon.

The toffee wasn't for him at all. You have to stand at the stove, stirring constantly, for 35 minutes. These were great, easy gift candies to make, but I don't recommend either of them as a child-involved project. The child just doesn't get to do much—except eat.

Then, since I haven't been able to get back to the library, the book doesn't match the project. Ah, well. Next year. Today we read a children's biography:

Snowflake Bentley
by Jacqueline Briggs Martina and Mary Azarian
A story about the man who strived to photograph snowflakes. The book has a few real pictures that he made, but they are printed too small! Wilson Bentley made thousands of amazing images under incredibly restraining conditions—starting with his glass plate negative camera.

You must check these out, they are stunning! Here are a few of his photos. Check out his book and website for more.

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