Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Fairy Ball

Not exactly Glinda the Good Witch, but hey, who's going to complain when you get to travel in a bubble?

Starboy LOVES Sparkle Stories' Martin and Sylvia. He has heard all of them (since around Labor Day) probably ten times, maybe more. He especially likes the Halloween audio book, the three-parter. In this story, Martin and Sylvia prepare for the annual Fairy Ball costume party. The stories together run about an hour, and he will play quietly while listening to the whole thing.

Recently I asked Starboy: What do you think Mary Jane would like for Christmas this year? Is there something we could make for her?

Starboy replied: She would like a Fairy Ball.

Me: .....

Me: ... A fairy ball? Liiiike....a ball? With a fairy in it?

Him (matter-of-fact): Yeah. Like in the Sparkle Story. Martin and Sylvia.

Me: .... (processing)... (wondering how he could have heard that story 10x and not know that the fairy ball is a party.)

Me: Okay, we'll go to Michaels and see if we can find anything. I bet she really would like a fairy ball.

Him: O-kay.

Me: (Note to self: Offer scaffolding for next retelling of fairy ball story.)

Well, luck would have it. Giant glass ornaments for cheap enough. And a pipe cleaner flower fairy fits in, if you don't mind an extremely frustrating process of cramming, bending, tweezing, cursing, marveling at ship-in-a-bottle nutcases, and ending up with a small bent fairy with broken wing gossamer hanging only slightly oddly by the neck. During this process, the ball spins, attracting the same fervor and interest as a Kong toy with treats in it, that your favorite mutt is de-puzzling.
But on the upside, with some testing for wings and technique, what a great craft idea for any holiday faire.

And I imagine MJ will like the fairy ball.

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